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Essentially Yours

In 1998 a small group of people started essentially yours, the mission was to create products that would be healthier and avoid the harsh petro-chemical side of the cosmetic world but not compromising on wonderful smells and quality of use. Since those first days we’ve been at the pinnacle of formulating and manufacturing natural, organic skin care excellence. Our unique formulations deliver incredible results using totally pure botanical (plant) ingredients, vital oils and essential oils and do not contain any petroleum chemical components or artificial ingredients. What makes our products so effective is the way we formulate them because we blend our products with pharmaceutical levels of production rather than simpler chemist methods used in by many skin care developers. “From day one we set the bar in changing the way people perceive skincare, using natural oils and organic certified ingredients in professional treatments rather than using traditional petroleum derived chemical ingredients, which can be found in nearly 98% of skincare ranges and considered to be very harmful among many leading cosmetic scientists…including us” john Hamilton co-founder of essentially yours institute.